Farm & Fable is lucky to be located in the BEST neighborhood in all of Boston, the South End. No's the best...we swear. Just come visit us and see!

In all seriousness, the South End is filled with wonderful small, independently owned shops and restaurants that put a premium on being part of a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood. Abby, having lived and worked in the South End for years, has compiled a list of a few of her favorites spots to visit when she has a day off. When you come to Farm & Fable please take a little extra time and visit our neighbors and friends. 



Polka Dog Bakery

A favorite of shop dogs Cooper and Keegan. The smoked knuckles, deer antlers and house made treats are always on my shopping list for the pups. Indigo and the rest of Polka Dog staff are incredibly helpful and have some of the cutest customers in the South End. If you're looking for your puppy fix make sure to stop by.


One of the most beautifully designed shops in the neighborhood. The owner Jill has an incredible eye for textiles so be sure to check out her selection of gorgeous pillows. Jill and her team also offer interior design services which is the only reason my living room looks as pulled together as it does! 


An absolutely adorable shop that smells as good as it looks. I know, that sounds weird, but Tara's selection of natural skin care and beauty products really does smell incredible. It's like going on a mini-spa vacation just stepping through the doors. 

Niche Urban Garden Supply

South End residents finally have a shop that will let their green thumbs flourish! Lindsey has stocked everything you need to keep the planters by your front door looking fresh all year. She also has put together a great series of classes including making your own terrariums. With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder be sure to bring a little green inside. 

Sault New England

Philip is the store owner in the South End that the rest of us envy. His windows are always so clever, perfectly composed and constantly changing. Whenever I need a present for any of the men in my life (father, brother, husband) this is my first and only stop. 

Olives & Grace

Olives & Grace is filled with carefully chosen small batch products and perfect gifts for your food-obsessed family and friends. Sofi shares my love of all things delicious and crafted with care so be sure to stop by one of her many weekend tastings. 

M. Flynn

I'm drawn to this shop like a magpie. So many gorgeous, shiny sparkly pieces! Megan and Moriah, the sister duo behind this wonderful shop not only have lovely pieces you can walk out the door with, they also design incredible custom jewelry. My fiancé and I were lucky enough to have them make our weddings rings and they are wonderful. 


What I love most about Flock is that they know exactly who they are. A laid back, beachy, ethereal and decidedly down to earth vibe dominates the gorgeous clothes at this gem of a shop. They are also one of the only shops where you can get great local designers like Shit That I Knit. As an added bonus, their three shop dogs Roscoe, Bo and Simon are pretty darn cute!

Pioneer Goods

For vintage lovers (like your's truly) Justin's perfectly curated shop is a little slice of heaven. Filled with terrific vintage Americana, furniture and decor (at incredible prices) you will definitely want to take the stroll down Tremont Street to visit. 

Food & Beverage

Urban Grape

Oh, Urban Grape, how do I love thee? Let me count the empty bottles in my recycling bin right now. Tj and Hadley, couple extraordinaire, have the loveliest wine shop in the South End. A bright and stylish shop with an ever-changing selection of wine and beer. The staff is fabulous and takes the time to get to know you, your likes and dislikes and always comes up with a great recommendation. A real gem. If you love champagne like I do be sure to ask for Yoko, she is the champagne diva!

South End Formaggio 

I'd rather see my fiancé show up with a bag from South End Formaggio than Tiffany's any day. This is one stop shopping for food lovers. Cheese, charcuterie, wine, spices, prepared dinners and my favorite Byrne & Carlson non-pareils. 

The Gallows

I have to admit to being entirely biased when it comes to The Gallows. Rebecca, the owner of The Gallows, Banyan Bar & Refuge, and Blackbird Doughnuts introduced me to my fiancé and we had our first date over burgers at The Gallows. It remains to this day, our favorite cozy spot to grab a bite at the bar. The scotch egg and poutine are not to be missed!

Myers & Chang

Take out from Myers & Chang is a must after a long night at the shop. I'm a traditionalist so I usually order Mama Chang's dumplings, the egg roll, and beef and broccoli chow fun. If you're lucky enough to have the time to sit down and eat there order yourself a lotus blossom, relax and enjoy some incredible people watching and an awesome soundtrack. Keep an eye out for head chef Karen Akunowicz on this season of Top Chef. Go Karen!

Blackbird Doughnuts

Another wonderful addition to the neighborhood from the team behind The Gallows. Serving up gourmet doughnuts and soft serve, Blackbird Doughnuts makes all of my fat kid dream come true. 

Flour Bakery

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Flour Bakery. I was lucky enough to spend a year and a half working at the South End location and that time really launched me into Farm & Fable. Even though I haven't been behind the counter in quite some time I still have cravings for the croissants, currant scones and brown sugar oat muffins with cherries. 


Last, but by no means least, are my friends and neighbors at Coppa. I could not have found more supportive and fantastic neighbors than the crew at Coppa. It doesn't hurt that their salsiccia pizza with a glass of wine basically got me through the construction process. Coppa's patio on a warm night is a South End staple. Trust me, it's always worth the wait. And if that wait is really long, just come hang out with me across the street!