About Us

Who We Are:

Abby Flanagan launched Farm & Fable in 2013, first as a brick & mortar in Boston’s charming South End, and now as an online shop focused on beautifully made goods for the kitchen and home. A passionate cook, habitual home renovator and collector of vintage and antique kitchenware, Abby has been immersed in food, design and homemaking her entire life. Her love of good food, good friends and good design is at the heart of what Farm & Fable is.

What We Do:

With a focus on American made goods from makers with whom Abby has developed personal relationships, Farm & Fable seeks to bring the best in timeless design to your home. Abby’s love of vintage and antique kitchenware is reflected in her selection of “new heirlooms.” These products are chosen for their beauty, utility and high quality. They are meant to be treasured in the moment and passed down to the next generation. Useful, well crafted, carefully designed goods, made by people who care about what they do, will make even the simplest kitchen task feel special.

Why We Do It:

In the past few years there has been a renaissance in American designed and crafted goods for the kitchen and home. More independent makers are leaving 9 to 5 jobs to pursue their passion for the timeless tradition of craft. Supporting these makers is central to Farm & Fable’s vision. Abby recognizes the value and beauty that their goods can bring to your home. She hopes that you will derive as much pleasure from using these goods as she does from finding them and highlighting them here.