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Welcome to the new Farm & Fable!

Welcome to the new Farm & Fable!

I am thrilled to finally be able to share our new online home with all of you. Making the transition from a brick and mortar shop to an online presence this summer has been such a creative challenge, and one that I have truly enjoyed. My biggest concern in launching our online home was keeping the intimate feel that our shop in the South End had. Being able to tell the stories of our wonderful makers, share recipes and menu ideas or help you find that perfect gift for the eighth bridal shower you have to attend this summer were some of my favorite things about my day to day in the shop. Now, with our new online home, I can share all of those things with you and so much more right here on our blog. I hope you’ll check back in often to see what is happening in the Farm & Fable world and maybe find a helpful hint, delicious new recipe or just a bit of inspiration to make your kitchen and home an even happier place.



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  • Congratulations Abby! I was such a huge fan of your brick and mortar and I know this will be just as special :). Looking forward to following along.


    Elizabeth Stone on

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