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Our Fall 01 Collection

Our Fall 01 Collection

Now that fall is in full swing in New England, I’m happy to announce the launch of our Fall 01 collection. Each and every fall I find myself falling in love with cooking all over again. Summers in New England are full of fresh produce and seafood that barely needs to be touched to make it shine. Fall’s ingredients need a bit more coaxing to show their true beauty and that’s where your skills in the kitchen come in. Our Fall 01 collection was inspired by how I spend my Sundays in the kitchen all season long. Just a leisurely day of cooking with my husband, a few friends and, of course, the pups. 

For me, Sunday cooking often means starting early in the morning baking something sweet and fragrant (like an apple pie or my favorite zucchini bread) and then starting a slow roasted pork shoulder or beef bourguignon that can simmer and stew all day. It’s a more relaxed and easy way to entertain than a weeknight dinner party and makes your house feel warm and cozy against the chill in the air.

Our Fall 01 collection is also a bit of a departure from how we typically stock our seasonal collections. For our Fall 01 collection I chose to bring together a collection of our Farm & Fable “classics”. Our Fall 01 goods are my favorite products that we have carried at Farm & Fable throughout the years, along with a few new additions from some of our favorite makers. These wonderful new heirlooms for your home will remain a part of a permanent collection at Farm & Fable. While most of the goods are in our seasonal collections are limited in quantity and not restocked when they sell out, you can rest assured that our classic collection will always be here.

These are the very pieces that I use in my kitchen, day in and day out. They have a permanent place in my home and now here at Farm & Fable.




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